Friday, May 8, 2009

Family Fun Friday!

Growing Up Wild 
(3 DVD Set!)

This week is going to be another movie post, my kids love our Family Movie Nights and I have a few saved up still to watch with them. This is a great set that I found at National Geographic's website. They have some great stuff, plus they're my outlet for the Toot and Puddle books that Harry LOVES (and I love too because it's great for cultural awareness and love of travel- two things I really hope to inspire in my kids!).
We record this series on our DVR as well (its listed as Growing Up...), Emma loves the baby animals especially!!
I also subscribed to their Little Kids magazine for Harry, I love that he's learning so much about the animal world. He's even started picking out books about animals at the library lately- this is a BIG change, normally we're a straight dumptruck-train-car book kind of a family. :) The magazine is shaped just right for little hands and has LOTS of gorgeous NG quality pictures. Both kids love it!

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