Friday, March 20, 2009

Family Day Friday

At least once every weekend, we make time to have a "Family Night." The kids love it, Jay and I get to spend quality time with them and each other, and we're all having fun. :)

This weekend, we're baking cookies. 

Sweetheart Face Cookies

Start with some roll-out sugar cookie dough. Either bake your own or use the pre-made stuff. I like the Pillsbury stuff the best when I don't have time to do my own. Their website has lots of great recipes and projects to do with the kids, plus they have coupons!! (You do have to register on their site to print the coupons, but they send you recipes and whatnot by email, so why wouldn't you??!) Cut out your cookies with cutters or punches if you like; we'll be doing plane old round ones as they get eaten before anybody realizes that they once had a shape!

You'll also need a can of frosting, or again, you can make your own. I like to separate mine out and use food coloring to make several colors. 

Knowing my kids, they're going to be quite creative (another word for messy!), and the cookies probably won't all look like faces, but its a good starter idea for my 3 year old. I have a ton of candy left over from Valentine's Day plus some that I've bought early for Easter (okay, that was more of an excuse for me to have it around the house!), so we'll use that to decorate. I like chocolate chips, skittles, m&m's, sprees, and licorice twines. They're easy to use and nice and bright colored. Another fun way would be to use frosting tubes to decorate with, mine are a too little to do this well, so we'll stick with the candy. 

Enjoy your family and remember, this is supposed to be fun!!!


Kim said...

Those are cute! I think we might try doing these this weekend too! Plus they look so yummy!

Sarahlcc♥ said...

Yes, this is supposed to be fun, isn't it!!!! Which reminds me, I forgot my friday craft! Oh no! I'll do it first thing tommorrow ~ right after grocery shopping and a run to the post office. Sounds like your weekend is off to a wonderful start with family night.