Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Very First Giveaway!!

So, I want to do a giveaway. This is my VERY FIRST ONE. Feel excited people. :) Its even going to have TWO parts to it! WHOOP!
I belong to a fabulous WOM (Word of Mouth) group called BzzAgent. They send me product samples and I Bzz about them to my friends IF I like them. The key word is IF. However, this time, I'm SO excited to share with you! I received the 4 products in the Nature's Source Natural Cleaners line by the makers of Scrubbing Bubbles and Windex. I've used the toilet bowl cleanser before (as a home with 2 males, I'm up for trying anything!) and loved it and now am thrilled to be able to use all of their products! 

A few key points:
1. Made with 99+% natural and naturally derived ingredients
2. Free of ammonia, bleach, and phosphorous
3. Not tested on animals
4. Packaged in recyclable bottles
5. Safe for plumbing and septic systems
6. Totally affordable (under $4!) and can be found at your local everyday stores (Target, Walmart, etc)

So, now to the giveaway part. I have coupons for a FREE product and a gorgeous gift basket containing all of the 4 Nature's Source items. We'll do the coupons this week through Sunday (3/22/09) and all you have to do to enter is:

1. leave me a comment telling me which of the products is your favorite (check out their website!) and

2. Follow me. (Let me know you do this in the comment line as well!) Since I'm new, my number of followers is directly wrapped up in how cool I make my giveaways... See the thought train everybody?? Love me and I shall love you back! 

So, you have the chance for TWO entries to my contest for one of the 4 coupons I have to give away. Next week will come the bigger part of this giveaway, so stay tuned!!


Linda Holbrook said...

I follow you :)

Linda Holbrook said...

Ooh...and my favorite is the all-purpose cleaner spray. And no, I didn't get in on this Bzz campaign :)

Kim said...

I'm up for free cleaning supplies!

Kim said...

And I follow you!

Sarahlcc♥ said...

I've seen this product in the stores and I would like to try it. Count me in.

Sarahlcc♥ said...

I'm following. Have a wonderful weekend.

Wifey said...

All Purpose 'cause my kids make all kinds of messes.

Winks & Smiles,

MOMSWEB said...

I've never used the products, but would love a free sample! I'm following!

Rhonda said...

My favorite would have to be the toilet bowl blaster... Or something like that! lol Living with girls isn't any easier on the poor porcelin telephone! lol

And I'm following you.

Good luck with your contest!

(Oh, and the dessert just below this looks FABULOUS!! I'm on my way to that one right now!)

Marty, Rhenda and Anna said...

I haven't tried the products yet but would love to see how they compare to what I use. Thanks, Jenn!