Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Family Day

This weekend, we're doing a game night! :) This is Harry's mostest favoritest game, so he gets to pick. He got it for Christmas and makes me play with him at least once a week (more often if he can find where I hide it!). However, this weekend, I'm making Jay sit down and play some games with us.

We also like to play Trouble, and even Ems can help with that one by popping the bubble! After the kids head to bed, I'm hoping I can con him into some Trivial Pursuit or even some Wheel of Fortune. I know, I'm dorky and I love board games. I usually have to bribe the ole hubby with beer or cake, but I have some BTS Cake leftover from a MNI that was cancelled, so I think that will suffice!!


Trippleaaa said...

Have fun! We have a "family" game night on Fridays... we like to play rummy!

Wifey said...

Love this. We could use a family game night. Thanks for the inspiration.

Winks & Smiles,